Jan's Pickles
The Best Pickle You'll Ever Put in Your Mouth

The Story of the Pickle

Over ten years ago, Jan Williams sampled some pickles at a health food shop she visited. While eating them, she remembered pickles that she enjoyed as a child made by her beloved Aunt Imy. Jan was inspired to create a recipe of her own, based on her Aunt’s pickles. Soon she had a recipe she thought tasted much better than the store bought pickles which was enjoyed greatly by friends and family.

When Jan asked a friend to take some to a craft show sale with her. On the morning of the show her friend called her to say they were already SOLD OUT! Jan and her husband, Glenn, worked diligently in every evening the following week making more pickles for another craft show. They completed many times over the quantity they had made before, and the pickles sold out on the FIRST DAY, AGAIN!

It was not hard to see that Jan and Glenn had something special.So they settled on making the pickles in an old school cafeteria in Dacoma, Oklahoma. Soon, the orders came in so fast, that they had to hire help to fill all them all. Today, the pickles are now made and packed in Oklahoma City, then stored and sold in Dacoma with the same care and quality as the very first jar Jan made all those years ago.


Dear Jan and Glenn,
Thank you for letting us pick up some pickles. Some teachers at the school will be very happy with me today. I suppose I should share but I am a little stingy with them. I’ll give a jar to my Mother but only because she is my Mother and she made a big batch of chili for us. LOL.
L. Whitely, Elk City, Oklahoma

A mutual friend brought your pickles to an office Christmas party and they were the absolute hit out of all the snacks there! Please ship me 2 quarts. I look forward to tasting them again!
B. Greco, Akron, Ohio

It seems a lot of the time, the only things people actually send are negative, but I just wanted to let you know that i received a jar of spicy, sweet garlic dill pickles for Christmas and they are amazing.  I will never be able to get pickles on my burgers again because they will never live up to my expectations of what a pickle should taste like now that I’ve had yours.  I am going to try to see if anyone distributes these in my area, if not, I will be ordering from your website.

Thank you for giving me a reason to live again.  Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but I love these pickles!

Dear Pickle Magician!,
I happened across a jar of your pickles at Atwoods in Tyler, Texas and just let me say THE BEST PICKLE EVER! I brought them to my office at Argon Medical Devices in Athens, Texas and just let me say I WAS LOVED BY MANY! If you ever have an over abundance and you can’t get rid of, just ship them our way! Our favorite is the Spicy Sweet Garlic!!!
Argon Medical Devices, Inc. c/o Belynda

Dear Jan and Glenn,
I have to say…..I love these pickles as I buy them from Atwoods in Woodward. I sent an order to my mother in California and she is absolutely in love with them. She saved one jar for her, gave a jar to my sister (her husband is a chef and ate the entire quart in one sitting), and she’s sending the third quart to my Uncle Dennis in Northern Minnesota. Can’t get enough of them. I’m telling you….if you could market these to restaurants you would make a killin’! They would kick-up a burger to the stratosphere! My mom is going to “spring” them on to the “Usual Suspects” (card buddies) this weekend….just gonna put ’em on a plate and not say a word! Can’t wait to hear about the rave reviews!
S. Waggoner